Cornwall Wedding Photography Prices

Every couple, every relationship and every wedding is unique and therefore, so is my approach to photographing your special day and moments. Although I’m based in Cornwall, I photograph weddings all over the UK and abroad and whether it’s a cold dark midweek day in the middle of winter or a saturday in the peak of summer, I try to cater to everyone’s needs and requirements. For this reason it’s impossible to have set prices. Read below for more information regarding what you will get from me as your wedding photographer. 

Me, Steven Prebble, Photographing your wedding

I will never send an assistant to capture your special day, you will always get me and my expertise. I have captured hundreds of weddings and been a professional photographer since 2011. You can rest assured that you will be in very competent hands on your wedding day. With me, I bring the latest and greatest array of camera equipment and I always have two camera bodies on me incase one fails. I am also fully protected with public liability insurance.

Pre Wedding Meeting

Whether we meet up for a warm drink somewhere or talk face to face on Skype, I feel it’s really important to meet before the big day.

My unique, professional editing

Lots of time, care and effort is put into making sure each of your photos are perfect. I use my own personal editing and colour correction techniques on every single one of your images.

Highest quality unwatermarked digital images to download

Your images will never be watermarked, nor do I limit how many photos you get back. My average photos I send to clients for a full day wedding shoot is 1,100.

Password protected online gallery to share to friends and family

Gone are the days of giving you your photos on a CD. More and more people are accessing the internet on phones and tablets which have no CD drives so I upload all the photos onto your own password protected secure gallery which you can share with your guests. You have full access here to download the images as a complete set or individually, as do your friends and family. I can provide USB sticks if you require these also.

12 months digital back up on my server

Your photos will remain on my secure servers for at least 12 months after they’ve been uploaded. This means that if you happen to lose the images on your computer, I will still have them safe and secure.

Optional extras

I try hard to cater for everyones requirements. I work very closely with a printing company who provide a huge range of printed goods such a wedding albums, wall canvasses, framed prints, photo prints and so much more and as I’m a photographer and not a salesman, I will not try to upsell these items to you.  

Prices start from £750

What is your Style of Photography?
Unobstrusive documtary or reportage. I like to capture genuine emotions and moments and never pose couples. CLICK HERE to read more about my style
Can we meet before the Wedding?
I always encourage that we meet up before the wedding to discuss any requirements you might have. If you aren’t local to Cornwall then we can chat over Skype.
What happens if your equipment breaks?
This is a great question that I get asked. I don’t feel that enough couples ask their potential photographer this question. I ALWAYS have at least 2 cameras with me at all times plus 5 or 6 lens and 4 flash guns. I use very expensive and professional equipment and in the many years I have been a professional, nothing has ever failed on me but these things CAN happen. I can’t stress how important it is that the photographer you hire, has at least 2 cameras because if one fails then that is the end of your photos for the day. I’ve heard of this happening far too many times.
How do we get the images?
Your images will be uploaded to a secure online gallery where all your friends and family can not only view the images but download them at the highest resolution.
How do we book you?
You can contact me and I can make sure I have your date free. Then I would require a deposit to secure your date. The deposit fee is listed on my PRICING PAGE
How many hours do we have you for?
If you book me for the full day, then you have me for as long as you need me. I don’t limit my time with you like many other photographers. I will start as early as you need me and I will finish when we feel like we have everything captured. I never rush anyone.
Are you insured?
Absolutely. Not only is my equipment fully insured but I also have public liability insuracne as well as public indemnity insurance.
Do we get prints or albums?
These are not included in the price as there are so many different options these days that I simply won’t know what you would like. You can of course purchase these after you’ve received your images and I can order these for you for cost price and even design a wedding album.
Do you only cover Cornwall?
Not at all. I have worked all over the UK and Europe and I absolutely love to travel. I will cover your wedding or special event wherever you are in the world.
How many photos will I get back?
I don’t limit how many photos that I take or give back to couples. You get as many as I am able to give you. On average, it’s between 500-900.
What happens after the wedding?
After the wedding, I will back up your images in different locations so that they are secure. I spend many days then carefully selecting and editing your photos to my individual professional style. I strive to get the images back to you within 14 days of the wedding so that you’re not left waiting for months.
Can I get my photos on a USB stick?
Of course you can. I don’t give these out unless requested as more people now are using phones and tablets which don’t have USB connections. I am more than happy to give your photos on a USB stick for no extra cost.

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