James and Kate

Carnglaze Caverns
Wedding Cornwall
All of my weddings I attend are unique but none more so than this one. I started the day at the bride’s house in Plymouth, Devon, with the bride, Katie and her bridesmaids and other family members. The wedding service itself was held at Mutley Baptist church which was a few minutes away from Katies house. After taking photos of the bride and co getting ready, I made my way down to the church to meet up with a very nervous groom, James and his best men.

It was a great service and afterwards was a very brief gathering for some nibbles and drinks.

The next destination was where the day got really interesting, Carnglaze Caverns in Liskeard, Cornwall. It was a former slate mine with the top part being the size of around 2 football pitches and below, walking down 60 steps, takes you about 150m into the hillside and 60m below ground to a breathtakingly crystal clear underground lake. The reception took place in the upper part but we did venture down to the lake for some photos which required us to wear safety helmets (but luckily the couple didn’t wear them for the pictures).

A traditional Scottish folk band finished the night off, even giving guests dancing lessons. A fascinating experience and location which was both challenging as a photographer due to the very dark caverns yet breathtakingly beautiful.

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