Sam and Chloe

DIY Truro Cornwall
Wedding Photography
Sam and Chloe spread their wedding out over a long weekend, getting married in a registry office on the Friday and the day after having a blessing ceremony at a beautiful piece of land in Probus, just on the outskirts of Truro, Cornwall.

The registry office was a small affair, inviting only close family and friends and then it was off to Probus, where Chloes parents live, for some celebrations that evening as more friends and family came from far and wide. Chloes parents owned enough land to set up camping for the guests as well as a stunning polytunnel which had been converted into the wedding reception area, complete with a bar, tables and chairs, a stage for the band and a large dancing area, all of which had been made in the months leading up to the wedding by friends and family.

Sam and Chloe surprised everyone with a choreographed first dance and the celebrations went on well into the night. It was a pleasure to be a part of this unique 2 day occasion.

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