Cornwall Wedding Photography Style

Natural, Unposed, Storytelling not Storymaking

One of the most important days of your life and something to be cherished forever. My approach to wedding photography is to create an artistic story that documents this most important of days in the most natural and beautiful way possible. Blending in so that the pictures are captured not forced but always available when required to help the day run smoothly. As a wedding photographer I look for and anticipate the potential special moments of your day so that I am always in the right place at the right time. These captured images are then taken through post production and are individually and artistically treated to create a beautiful series of images of a moment in time, your moment in time.

Non-intrusive Story Telling

My style is non-intrusive which helps me tell the true story of the day. I’m very passionate about documenting the uniqueness of each wedding as it unfolds, and ensure the emotions, spontaneous moments and all the highlights are captured for you to treasure. I also direct group- and couple photos for more classic portraiture, but always keep it relaxed, fun and informal. Pictures of people who are tense and uncomfortable are not good pictures in my opinion – regardless of how impressive the setting is or how much technical effort is behind the shot. It’s very important to me that people are completely at ease in my company which is why I always encourage meeting up before the wedding over a cup of tea and discussing your needs.

Cornwall Wedding Photography Style

Organically Documenting

I will always look to capture your special day naturally and organically, documenting the fun, laughter and happiness as and how it occurs. I won’t be setting up specific shots or spending the day directing your guests, I’ll be following the narrative of the day and capturing all of its magic. I also won’t be bringing lots big fancy lights, screens and equipment. I’ll be blending in with your guests whilst capturing those special moments as they occur.

Crying at Wedding Cornwall Wedding Photography

Your Own Unique Story

Your wedding will tell its own unique story and my work will capture that story to be enjoyed forever. You don’t want to see a photographer’s take on how a wedding story should look, in years to come you will want to look back through the photos and be reminded about what was unique and special about your wedding. As a result, each one of my clients receives a truly unique set of photographs, rather than a standard set of wedding photo clichés.

Bride and Groom first look wedding photography


I try to be truly creative with my work. To me that means producing unique and non-standard work, but work that remains visually pleasing and emotive. Whether that’s achieved through composition, frame angle, depth of field or use of light, I try to create frames that will enable you to relive the emotion and happiness of the day over and over.

Bride dress reveal wedding photography Cornwall

Whilst I will produce a set of images documenting the day, I aim for each image to stand alone in its own right. Whether it’s a picture of the happy couple, their immediate family, friends or relatives, each image will be at home in a frame on a wall or mantlepiece. 

I’m a photographer and not a salesman. I never watermark images or limit how many you receive. I have no hidden costs and have no intention to try and sell you more images. You can make prints, albums or canvases from the files you receive, and though you can also do this through me, I don’t have any interest in pushing this on to you at all. 

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