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I’m very honoured to work along side some talented individuals at weddings. It takes a large number of people and many years of hard work and training to put together everything required for a wedding. From florists, dress designers, cake makers, make up artists, hair dressers, celebrants and even those talented graphic designers who make wedding invitations, each person is highly skilled at what they do.

I want to put the spotlight on some of these people to learn a bit about their roles on wedding days and most importantly what expert tips and advice they can give to couples.

In the first part of this series, I meet up with Charlotte Albert who is a wedding Make up artist based in Truro, Cornwall.

Charlotte has been a freelance make up artist for a year but has worked on make up counters for 3 years where she gained experience and training in make up and skincare as well as qualifications from QC academy.

“Working on makeup counters has been really helpful because I have been able to work with clients of all ages, all different faces and skin types which has been an excellent starting point” Charlotte tells me.

I asked Charlotte why she wanted to start working at weddings. “I’ve always loved classic, pretty makeup. Enhancing someone’s natural features and creating a really youthfull, radiant makeup look.  Weddings are perfect for this style! I also love the whole experience, meeting brides excited about their big day and being involved in their special morning”

Some of Charlottes favourite brands to work with that she likes working with are Laura Mercier, Liz Earl and Clarins. “Liz Earl foundation stays on all day. It has great lasting power.”

I asked Charlotte what advice she has for brides who wish to save a bit of money by getting a friend to do their make-up. 

“Quite often if they’re not trained or havent had the practise, a person will do the same make up on everyone as they would do on themselves as they are not used to working with different faces and diferent skin types. A professional will know skin types, face shapes, what’s going to work for you, what won’t work and what will last. They run a big risk of it not being what you want on the day. Make up artists also know how the the make up is going to look in photos and use the best products that wont reflect or shine in pictures. “


Charlottes Top Tips for Finding The Right Make up Artist For your Wedding

  – Find someone who suits your style! Don’t go for a make up artist who does over the top, glam, when you want a very natural look.

– Look at photos to see what they have done. Before and after photos are great!

– Always try and meet face to face or chat over the phone before you book to make sure they are the right fit for you.

– Use Pinterest! Pinterest is a great way to find inspiration and share images with your make up artist to give them an idea of what you’re after.

–  Having a trial is always really nessessary for the bride! Not just for a practise run but so that they can see how the make up sits, check that theyre not allergic to anything and see how it lasts throughout the day.

– Buy your lipstick. Charlotte recommends brides buy a lipstick that was decided on the trial so that they can top this up throughout the day if needed. 

– Lash Lifts are great treaments before a wedding. These lift the lashes from the root so that they look really long and really full.

To check out  Charlottes work, head over to her website 

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